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7 x 60ml shots


7 Charge - apple, lemon, ginger


100% Natural & cold-pressed 


These 60ml shots will pack a punch, and put a spring in your step! Made with organic apple, lemon & Peruvian ginger, this blend gives you a combination of flavours; the sweetness of the apples, a citrus kick, that cuts through the ginger zing! 


You can drink these as a shot on it's own, or pour into some hot water, with a little honey! Either way, they are designed to boost your immune system.


Individually, all of these ingredients have a wide range of medicinal qualities, which include; 


  • Antioxidant, Antibacterial & Anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Packed with vitamin & minerals, that help fight fevers & cold symptoms
  • Can help to improve digestion, reduce nausea &  muscle pain


Keep refrigerated, shake well, once opened consume within 24hrs


Food allergies and intolerance: All the ingredients that are used in each product are labelled on the front of each bottle. Our juices are made in a facility where celery is handled. If you require any further information on the ingredients that we use, then please get in touch. 

  • Terms & Conditions

    1. Your order- Once we have received your order confirmation, we will contact you within 24hrs , with information regarding your delivery or collection. 


    2. Storage- Once you have received your juices, we recommend that you pop them straight into the fridge. We cannot take responsibility if your juices are left to spoil. If there are any defects or problems, then please contact us within 2 hours of receiving your juices. 


    3. Order amendments & Price info- If a juice or shot is unavailable, we will contact you with the option of a substitution. Once your order has been shipped, or out for delivery, changes cannot be made.  All of our prices include VAT, and they may fluctuate to reflect our operational costs. 


    4. Refund policy- Unfortunately, once your juices are shipped or out for d